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Re-Awaken the Bold Inside You

Week of January 19, 2019

Join Elena Sonnino – a sought-after guide for the things they don’t teach us in school – to unearth and attune to your inner wisdom and re-awaken the bold inside you.

From survival to boldness: step into the spotlight of your life
Stop going through the motions and create space for an even bolder YOU in your life.

Stop Fixing. Start Living.
Release the judgments and start living fully in the now.

Peel back the layers to find wholeness*
A yin yoga practice to practice feeling instead of fixing.

Cultivate Curiosity without Attachment
Step out of your habits and comfort zone to make room for curiosity without any expectation of outcomes.

Embody Your Spotlight
Embrace your inner storyteller to visualize and manifest the new story of re-awakening the boldness and stepping into the spotlight of your life.


Elena Sonnino is a sought-after guide for getting out of your own way and living fully in the now to step into the spotlight of your life. As a life coach, speaker, and yoga teacher, her work is an invitation to unearth and attune to inner strength and wisdom. She inspires individuals and groups to remove self-imposed obstacles and say yes to themselves in the now. As an experienced speaker, writer, and host of the podcast, Sunrise in Your Pocket, Elena inspires audiences to stop fixing their life, and start living their wild, audacious dreams in the now. At home, Elena enjoys watching sunrise, stand-up paddleboarding, and hiking with her husband, teenage daughter, and labradoodle, Jupiter. Learn more about Elena at, subscribe to her podcast, and follow her adventures on Instagram.