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REACH™ The Barre and No-Barre workout! 

Week of June 15, 2019

REACH™ The Barre and No-Barre workout! 

This flowing mix of ballet-inspired movement and fitness training is a deep-felt energetic method of improving total-body strength, balance, stability, flexibility and posture. REACH™ combines a mix of training techniques, with and without equipment, for a unique challenge and an ultimate release of energy all it’s own.


Kari Anderson is the co-owner of The Seattle Gym with two locations in Seattle, Washington. Kari has produced over 20 award-winning workout DVDs/videos. In addition to teaching daily for over 30 years, she is internationally recognized as a featured conference presenter—leading fitness workshops for instructors worldwide. She is an honored recipient of IDEA Business Person of the Year 1993, IDEA Instructor of the Year 1994 and ACE Fitness Director of the Year 2003. Kari has lifetime experience in sports, dance and athletics including being a Jr.National Gold Medalist in Synchronized Swimming and a scholarship student with The Joffrey Ballet in New York. Her perspective and talent for fitness training and choreography development are highly acclaimed in the fitness industry.