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Reach™ The Center-Floor Workout

Week of March 16, 2019

Reach is a challenging fusion of traditional ballet exercises and fundamental fitness for a unique blend of body-resistance work. Center-floor training is a dancer’s toughest challenge—maintaining balance while away from the Barre. During class you will embark on a personal journey for greater stability and precise control. With technique established early, the work gets harder as muscle response improves. Working all planes
of motion, using turnout methods along with parallel positions, and combining bursts of easy cardio with quiet intense work…Reach creates a wonderful multi-dimensional platform for achieving graceful fitness.

Don’t miss this opportunity to reach beyond your physical ends! Led by a trained dancer, each class will help you develop strength, flexibility, balance, physical confidence and an elegance that transfers to all workouts, all sports and–most importantly–to living life to fullest potential. Reach™ is offered exclusively at The Seattle Gym and Rancho La Puerta. “With Reach, our goal as instructor is to provide class members the tools to train
with the mind-set and discipline a dancer uses daily to master the body” Kari Anderson, Reach™ program originator

My path to a career in fitness began as an 8 year old taking her first ballet class and then never stopping. Fast forward a few years…I received degrees in Dance and Kinesiology from the University of Washington and after a couple of post-graduate years of dancing and teaching in New York I returned home to Seattle. For over 3 decades I have worked and taught classes alongside Kari Anderson as the fitness wave took off in the 80’s, gaining momentum to the present. I have been long-time Group Fitness and Small Group Training Coordinator for The Seattle Gym, two locations. My passion for fitness has led
me to multiple fitness certifications allowing me to teach a variety of workout formats. In addition, I am proudly Co-Founder of the Total Body Tabata™ program, a Balletone Master Trainer, and have my own Personal Training company. I am so excited to be bringing Kari’s REACH program to the Ranch. This center floor, ballet-inspired workout allows me to teach a class that melds the best of my history in dance and fitness, and gives me opportunity to help each individual reach for their bodies best. You truly wont believe how good you will feel!