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Reclaim Your Joy & Rewrite Your Midlife

Week of January 13, 2024

“Reclaim Your Joy and Rewrite Your Midlife Story” is your empowering guide to this transformation. Led by Jack Abbott, a seasoned entrepreneur and joyful navigator of life’s transitions, this mini-course equips you with practical tools and inspiring insights to:

  • Master mindset management: Shift from “no” to “not yet” and unlock your hidden possibilities.
  • Embrace the “chrysalis” of midlife: Discover why this messy middle is the gateway to your happiest years.
  • Unleash your inner spark: Reimagine your purpose, aligning your passions with what the world needs and wants.

This isn’t just a temporary boost, it’s a transformative reset that ignites your passion, rekindles your joy, and paints a masterpiece of fulfillment in your next chapter. Join Jack on this adventure and unleash the vibrant future you deserve!

Session #1
Dive into self-discovery, understanding limiting beliefs, and discovering the unexpected “life hack” that adds more years to your life than kale and a gym membership!

Session #2
Master the art of shifting your mindset, embrace the “U curve of happiness” in midlife, and release a negative belief in a powerful ritual.

Session #3
Uncover your unique “Ikigai” – the secret sauce of purpose and fulfillment. Learn how to align your passions with what the world needs, wants, and maybe even pays for!

Jack Abbott, a beacon of joy and reinvention, illuminates the path through life’s “messy middle”. As a seasoned entrepreneur developing immersive tools for emotional intelligence, and part-time faculty at the renowned Modern Elder Academy, he’s witnessed lives transformed by wisdom and experience. Jack believes that within each midlife transition lies a seed of possibility, waiting to blossom.