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Regenerate Your Brain

Week of February 22, 2020

Dr. Jacqueline Chan will share innovative strategies to maintain mental clarity and enhance cognitive performance as we age.  These practices have been proven to diminish the chances of dementia by up to 20 years.  The steps we take to nourish the health of our brains also creates longevity for our whole body.


In this series of sessions you will learn that:

  • Our brain is not fixed or static, we can remold our brain throughout our life because of its properties of neuroplasticity. There are certain brain and physical exercises that can enhance our memory and mood as we age.
  • Key nutraceutical supplements can decrease our levels of anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder and inflammation. Specific herbal plant medicines are able to increase the density of synapses in our brain, making us more “intelligent”.
  • The gut/brain axis and the glymphatics are two recent unique discoveries of the brain’s anatomy. These aspects of the brain further implicate the importance of a healthy diet and sleep

Regenerate Your Brain Program:

1) The Mind Diet: how to cool inflammation, balance your insulin and optimize your diet for cognitive clarity.

2) Happy with Healthy Hormones

3) Boost your Mitochondria: superfoods and exercises that enhance cognitive endurance and mental sharpness

4) Soothing the Mind: how to obtain deep sleep, deep mental rest with meditations and hands-on exercises