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Retain/Re-claim a Clear, Creative, Vibrant Mind

Week of August 21, 2021

Join Leni Felton, Clinical Nutritionist, for an engaging presentation as she elucidates how to live and age with sparkling Vitality & Clarity.  Learn the root causes of cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Identify weak links to “shore-up” so you are not vulnerable to a decline.  A clear mind matters!

Young & healthy? Get tips to sharpen and improve mental performance.  Symptoms developing? Get started now to turn the tide and reclaim your brain.

Be informed – be empowered – be part of the solution!  Join Leni’s talks on healthy living’s impact on brain health.


Session 1: “The Challenge” and “The Map”
The body and mind are two sides of a coin.  Identify the constellation of issues that diminish a mind that has the potential to sparkle.  Discern the signs that will urge you to take big strides of action.

“The Map”:   your guide of game changers on the path to clarity and vitality.


Session 2:  “A Body and Mind Unburdened”  and “The Activity of Sleep”
Unburden the body and mind: The vital role of drainage and detoxification for a sparkling mind.

Sleep is the “Good Medicine”.  Re-establish a body/mind that nourishes your clarity and vitality.  Understand simple underpinnings that allow you to re-access “healthy sleep.” Support your glymphatic system.


Session 3:  “Energy and Mental Clarity:  they have their roots in food.”
Foods and nutrients are powerful tools to strengthen the body and clarify the mind.  Nourish yourself to the core and identify your metabolic needs. Expand your definition of nourishment.  The secondary yet supportive role of “superfoods.”


Session 4:  The Gut-Brain Connection & Bio-Compatible Living
The “gut ecology” has profound impact on brain health, depression and mental coherence.  Recognize your internal allies. Establish a healthy inner “terrain” that feeds your body, mind, brain, and emotions!


Session 5:   Just Move!  Body & Brain Training
Exercise opens the “outflows” and is daily cleansing for the brain.  Learn how it “grows” your brain. Brain Training boosts mental performance and opens doors of perception.  Flex your body and brain daily to raise your personal “bar” of cognitive health.


Session 6:  Putting it all Together
Identify your starting point:  Revisit “The Map” accompanied by your game changers.  Through daily living practices you live the solution.   For those with serious cognitive challenges, learn how a comprehensive program can reverse the tide.  Go forth empowered!



Leni Felton is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist in the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in individualized programs to reclaim physical and cognitive health.  She is trained in the Bredesen Protocol for reversing cognitive decline.  Leni has a private clientele and collaborates with doctors in an integrative approach.  For six years Leni worked with Richard Gracer, MD at the Gracer Medical Group, San Ramon, an early Orthomolecular Doctor. She has designed and developed spa-friendly cleansing programs for her specialty of drainage and detoxification.  A core principle of her work, for 20 years: the body and mind are inextricably linked. Any dysfunction requires an unraveling in both arenas.