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Sacred Sound Healing Journey and Meditation

Week of September 12, 2020

Laura Penn Gallerstein, 700 hours in Yoga, is a very experienced practitioner and dynamic teacher in the field of Body, Mind & Spirit.  For over 40 years she has been committed to learning and developing her skills in many aspects of Yoga and Meditation.  For the past 10 years she has found her passion in Sound Healing with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls and Chanting.  She is the previous owner of Moving Spirit Retreats in Southern California, more recently co–founder of Singing Bowls Temple     and now owner of Sedona Sacred Sounds.  She has trained extensively with master teachers around the world.  Before settling into Sedona she traveled around the country leading and participating in Sound Healing experiences and currently brings these amazing sounds, chanting, guided imagery, and meditation into all of her Sound Healing classes in Sedona and around the country.

Laura is a very gentle and compassionate teacher who is passionate about transformation.  She currently leads trainings in Sound and Vibrational Healing in Sedona.  She leads a one- day workshop for” Introducing Sound and Vibration with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls” and a three- day extensive training retreat that dives deeper into the world of Sound and Vibration and its’ healing aspects.  Most recently she has developed a workshop called “Find Your Voice” to help people unlock the blocks in speaking and singing.  She participates monthly in a Kirtan Chanting group that donates all its proceeds to a non-profit that supports Breast Cancer survivors called “The Healing Consciousness Foundation.” She continues to lead classes at Rancho La Puerta regularly and travels around the country leading these powerful Sound and Vibration workshops and trainings.

She is passionate about the body, mind, spirit connection and bringing peace and harmony into people’s lives.  Laura’s new book called “Love, Serve, Remember, a healing journey, is projected for publication in 2021.

She lives in Sedona with her beloved husband, Gary, and her three-legged dog “Hop,” and has 3 wonderful young-adult children.