Say Something - Works for Speaking Percussionist - Rancho La Puerta
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Say Something – Works for Speaking Percussionist

Week of February 6, 2021

Still – Kyle Johnson

Switch – Erik Griswold

To The Earth – Frederic Rzewski

I Ching – Per Nørgård

Corporel – Vinko Globokar


Fiona Digney is an Australian-born percussionist, educator, and producer.  She has spent the last decade in the United States, The Netherlands, and London, becoming an internationally recognized percussionist with highly-profiled accomplishments across a wide range of percussive styles from experimental, improvisatory, and world music styles to orchestra, chamber, and theatrical contexts. Fiona’s thrilling performances have been described as “compelling and authoritative” by Christian Hertzog (San Diego Union-Tribune) and garnered praise from the premier music critic of the United States, Alex Ross (The New Yorker, 28th June 2018). Having recently completed her doctoral studies in percussion performance, with a research focus on the praxis of music-making, Fiona now enjoys a wide-ranging freelance career in Southern California.  In addition, Fiona champions her fellow musicians through her artistic administrative roles as managing director & production manager of Art of Elan, and as executive producer & artistic administrator of the Ojai Music Festival.