Self-Defense – Tweens, Teens, and Women - Rancho La Puerta
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Self-Defense – Tweens, Teens, and Women

Week of July 27, 2024

Self-Defense: Awareness, assertiveness and hands on training


Lecture: 5 Ways to Keep Children Safe and Stay Connected at Any Age


Katie SassoKatie Sasso is a self-defense instructor and Master (8th degree) black belt in the art of Kung Fu San Soo. Katie has worked with André Salvage and Associates for over 20 years, sharing her knowledge of Assault Prevention and Street Safety. She works with businesses and schools around California and teaches in-person and online seminars to children, teens, and adults that focus on learning how to be aware, assertive, and physically stop someone from harming them. Katie believes in living from her True Nature and shares with others the importance of listening to our intuition.   Prior to working with André Salvage and Associates, Katie graduated from the University of Oregon where she played collegiate soccer. She continued her soccer career playing for Sacramento Storm. Katie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family, including three children.


David WilliamsDavid Williams (aka Super Dave) has studied martial arts for over 30 years, starting with Tae Kwon Do. In the 90’s, he met Grand Master André Salvage, who opened his eyes to the Master’s path of Kung Fu San Soo. Dave received his Master’s Degree (8th-degree black belt) 15 years ago and continues to work on his art as he teaches Kung Fu San Soo and Assault Prevention. Teaching self-defense to all ages is a passion of his, and he strives to empower all with his knowledge. As a business owner since 2000 of Super Dave Dog, Inc. in San Francisco, he walks and trains dogs through exercise, discipline, and affection. Another passion is pickleball, which he picked up eight years ago at the Ranch and now plays almost daily and in amateur tournaments. His routine of fitness and meditation keeps him grounded and enables him to be a loving husband and father of two sons, Malyk Williams (20) and Kekoa Williams (17), both of whom are assisting him at the Ranch this week.


Malyk Williams
Kekoa Williams