Stand Tall- Live Longer - Rancho La Puerta
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Stand Tall- Live Longer

Week of November 9, 2019

Secrets for Improved Posture  Part I and 2

An experiential workshop using simple easy to use techniques to improve your relationship with gravity in just a few minutes a day.


Dr. Steven Katz has been passionately practicing chiropractic for 41 years and yoga for 47 years. His work combines spinal and fascial manipulation with individualized postural training.  As a life-long athlete he has been running since he was 15 and recently achieved All-American status for runners 65-69 years of age by running the mile in just over 6 minutes. Along the way he played minor league baseball and has treated every imaginable non-surgical athletic injury. A cancer and back surgery survivor, he is now in training to become a Total Immersion swim coach and finds all land based postural suggestions to be equally applicable in the water.