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Strength for All Ages

Week of August 3, 2024

Ageless Intensity 

Successful Aging is the process of aging free from disease while maintaining high levels of physical performance and cognitive function. We know that exercise provides many health benefits and there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that high intensity exercise in particular could play an essential role in mitigating the effects of the aging process and be an integral component of Successful Aging. Yes, maintaining an aesthetic appearance is important, but as we get over the age of 40 the role of exercise should evolve to focus more on improving health and controlling the effects of the aging process. Learn how high intensity exercise can slow down aging along with the types of workouts that could help you to retain your youthful energy and appearance well into your later years. 


Recovery: How to Maximize Training Results 

Do you love to exercise but can’t seem to reach your goals or lose any weight?  Do you love to train and compete but can’t seem to improve your times or performance?  The typical mentality is that if a little exercise is good for us, then more must be better, however overtraining is a serious issue with detrimental consequences. Simply increasing the volume and intensity of the training stimulus may not be the best way to overcome a plateau; in fact another way to consider overtraining is being under-recovered.  Learn why top sports scientists would rather have their athletes peak at 95% of capacity than enter a competition in an overtrained state.  This lecture will help you to identify how to avoid overtraining and provide you with program design strategies to help you reach your goals and avoid the negative consequences of being under-recovered.


Your Body 2.0 (developed with Tricia Madden)

Aging successfully means reducing the risk of developing a disease, maintaining an optimal level of physical and cognitive function and actively engaging in life. High intensity exercise delivers many benefits including adding lean muscle, improving aerobic fitness and increasing levels of anabolic hormones to support successful aging. As many group fitness participants get older, they want the benefits of high intensity exercise and are not afraid of working hard but don’t want to become injured while sweating. Your Body 2.0 is a group fitness class format specifically designed for the aging fitness enthusiast. The workout applies the latest research on exercise and aging with a unique combination of mobility, strength and high intensity cardio to help participants add muscle, burn calories and slow down the effects of time on their bodies.


Mobile Strength

Form follows function, the human body is designed to move in multiple directions; this workout will use weights and multi-directional movement patterns that use your lower and upper body muscles together to strengthen and tone your entire body with a specific emphasis on the core.

30 Minute HIIT
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most popular fitness trends because it burns calories, sculpts muscle, improves health and enhances cognitive function all with one brief, but challenging workout. When it comes to HIIT, the intensity is more important than duration; this workout will engage your entire body in way that will leave you feeling strong, energized and ready take on the rest of your day. 


Pete McCall is the author of Ageless Intensity: High-intensity Workouts to Slow the Aging Process, Smarter Recovery: A Practical Guide to Maximizing Training Results, Smarter Workouts: the Science of Exercise Made Simple, (all published by Human Kinetics) as well as several articles and textbook chapters about exercise physiology. In addition, Pete holds a MS in exercise science and has been educating fitness professionals since 2002. Currently, Pete lives in Encinitas, CA where he is the Director of Education for EoS Fitness and a content creator for the American Council on Exercise.