Synchronized Swimming with Katie Killebrew - Rancho La Puerta
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Synchronized Swimming with Katie Killebrew

Week of August 24, 2024

Join Katie in the pool for a week of learning how to float, kick and make formations in the pool set to music Ester Williams style. This class will meet everyday for 1hr and will perform a routine on the last day of class. If you have dreamed of being a mermaid and wanting to learn all the beginning and basic skills of synchronized swimming this class is for you. Fancy caps will be provided for our show day. Make a grand splash in the pool this summer.


Katie Killebrew was born with movement like a mermaid. Katie began in the pool at age 6 synchronizing swimming and training for what would be her platform for teaching.

Katie’s athletic prowess led her to national and world titles in synchronized swimming and shows like Splash, Sea World and other performances around the world. Katie is a nationally recognized instructor in aquatics and leads yoga/aquatic retreats around the globe! Katie loves to share her passion for the water and how therapeutic it can be for your whole body.

Katie’s bubbly personality and compassionate, gentle, and caring heart clearly comes through in her teachings. Katie is committed to helping her students create balance, joy and fun.