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Tai Chi | Kevin Sullivan

Week of June 22, 2019

Tai Chi Principles and Practices.

Tai Chi builds the body’s strength and energy by combining gentle exercises into a dance-like form. You don’t need to remember a long series of movements to achieve the health benefits of Tai Chi. In this class we divide a Tai Chi form into separate exercises that are easy to learn. With its smooth flowing postures and deep breathing, Tai Chi improves flexibility and strengthens joints to alleviate pain and improve posture, balance, and coordination. It is adaptable from gentle to rigorous levels so that people of all ages and of all physical abilities may take advantage of its many benefits, including building strength and boosting circulation.


Kevin M. Sullivan has studied and taught martial arts for close to thirty-years. He has a 5th degree black belt from Body Mind Systems Martial Arts Training Center (which requires expertise in eight martial arts). His dedication to promoting health has prompted him to study Qigong in Beijing, China and to obtain a Certificate of Completion in Chinese Herbal Studies at the Swedish Institute in New York. Kevin conducts classes and workshops throughout New York. He shares his knowledge with a wide audience with the award-winning cable television program “Tai Chi Made Easy” (which airs in Manhattan and Queens, New York.).