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Take Heart, Take Action: The Transformative Power of Small Acts, Groups, and Gardens

Week of March 2, 2024

Take Heart, Take Action: The Transformative Power of Small Acts, Groups and Gardens
In a world on fire with crisis, how do we nurture hope, build power and contribute meaningfully? How do we create the personal and collective transformations this planetary moment calls for? What if small daily acts of courage and conviction, small groups of unstoppable world changers and even small gardens of regenerative delight could transform your life and community and help change the world just when it’s needed most? Hear inspiring stories of personal and collective transformation and a time-tested set of values and principles for waking, taking action and nurturing community.

Each session is an engaging blend of inspiring stories and ample fodder for personal reflection and group sharing with mind body medicine practices such as meditation sprinkled in.

Workshop 1 – Reverence: Start with Your Heart
The essence of Reverence is about waking up and following our hearts. Doing so can rewire one’s mind, body, and emotions. It connects us to something bigger to make our greatest contribution. We’ll discuss the benefits of living with reverence, embracing heartbreak and the growing body of evidence on the power of practicing heart qualities such as love, compassion, forgiveness and kindness. You’ll gather tools and resources to practice heart qualities and clarify where your inspiration meets the hurt you are called to heal and the gifts you seek to contribute.

Workshop 2 – Ripples: Reclaim the Power and Joy in Your Actions
Once awake, Ripples are the actions we take to find our vision, voice, and power. You’ll gain tools and resources to hone your personal compass and develop or deepen your habits and practices to be your best self and make your greatest contribution more of the time.

Workshop 3 – Relationships: Nurture Community
Relationships is about creating and nurturing community because that’s how life on our planet works. Learn how relationships underpin planetary function and how this applies to affecting greater personal and community transformation, in your garden, neighborhood and beyond.

Take Heart, Take Action Workshops: Guests can enjoy the workshops as a series or an ala carte nibble. Each session builds sequentially as part of a wholistic framework; though they can be taken stand alone, providing inspiration, tools and resources to help you live your inspiration and affect the positive change you are called to contribute.

Trathen Heckman is the founder and Director of Daily Acts Organization and author of Take Heart, Take Action, The Transformative Power of Small Acts, Groups and Gardens. He has helped found and lead numerous local, state and national resilience and sustainability coalitions, alliances and networks. For 21 years, Daily Acts has inspired positive environmental action, spreading solutions and empowering youth and community leaders. This includes implementing over 1,600 programs; catalyzing tens of thousands of resilience-building projects; installing demonstration gardens for fire survivors, homeless veterans and schools and catalyzing stronger environmental policy to help make the City of Petaluma and Sonoma County California state and national climate leaders. Trathen’s life and leadership are deeply informed by time in the garden and wild places and with inspiring people. He utilizes his skills and resources to empower communities toward reclaiming the power of their actions to regenerate self, nature, and community. He has presented and lead at numerous local, regional, state, national and international conferences. Trathen lives in the Petaluma, California with his wife, daughter, chickens and cats where he grows food, medicine and wonder while working to compost apathy and lack. www.dailyacts.org

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