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Tao Calligraphy Wellness: Embracing Infinite Heart, Love, and Greatness

Week of September 30, 2023

Embark on a transformative wellness journey through Tao Calligraphy’s 5,000-year artistry and mystery, unlocking immersive experiences of Oneness and Greatness.


From the bustling boardrooms of Fortune 100 giants to the serene sanctuaries of Tao Calligraphy, Cecilia Liu embodies a transformative journey. Once a managing board member at an international corporation with experiences spanning three continents, she now flourishes as a distinguished certified Tao Calligraphy Grandmaster Teacher. Seamlessly blending ancient wisdom with her impressive business background, Cecilia champions paths to global wellness, fulfillment, and prosperity.

With two decades in corporate sphere, highlighted by her role on Siemens’ Management Board, Cecilia’s business insights are unparalleled. Beyond her corporate achievements, she’s a sought-after international speaker and advocate for Oneness Business and Oneness Calligraphy, bridging ancient wisdom with innovative wellness technologies.

Cecilia’s academic achievements mirror her professional ones. Fluent in three languages, she boasts three degrees, with two master’s from the US and Germany. Notably, she earned a coveted spot on the National Chancellor’s List, a distinction given to the top 1% of graduate students in the United States.

However, it’s her holistic approach and genuine passion that truly resonate. More than just a teacher, Cecilia is a catalyst for change. Drawing from her multicultural experiences, keen insights, and the perfect meld of business and spiritual wisdom, she guides her audience towards comprehensive well-being, professional elevation, and a more enriched life.

Engage with Cecilia Liu and experience a transformative fusion of the ancient and the modern, the spiritual and the practical, the self and the collective.