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Telling Your Story

Week of May 18, 2024

ADHD Is Not Just for Little Boys
Ten million American adults struggle with serious distraction, forgetfulness and impulsivity, the hallmarks of ADHD. This can become a crisis as we age and lose the structure of family life and jobs.

How can you tell if it’s really ADHD? What are the best ways to manage it?

Katherine Ellison is a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist,  author and co-author of a dozen books, and frequent contributor to the Washington Post and other national media. She has also coped with ADHD all her life, although she wasn’t diagnosed until age 48.

Come hear Katherine tell you the secrets she has learned — the hard way — about caring for your brain, whatever state it’s in, and getting things done despite clinical-grade distractions, as she shares some hilarious and heartwarming stories about falling into manholes and riding her bike into parked cars along the way.

Writing Workshops: Telling Your Story
In three writing workshops, which you can attend separately or in serial, Katherine Ellison, a prize-winning veteran journalist and author and co-author of 12 books, will share her tips on productivity, conquering writer’s block, and making your prose shine, whether you want to write personal essays for publication or a memoir for your grandchildren. We’ll have notebooks available because we’ll do some writing in each of these classes.

1. Start Me Up
Creativity has some rules. How do you get your seat in the chair each day and spend an hour or more making progress in a world full of distractions? How can you start or join a writing group that will help keep you disciplined? What’s a writing group, anyway?

2. Cardio-writing
In this fast-paced session, based on a strategy Katherine has honed at the Ranch, she’ll help you tone up your prose, with some simple rules that will make your writing lean and spicy.

3. What’s your story?
In this session, we’ll talk about our goals for the year ahead and plan the steps that will ensure we have something to show for them. Katherine will be available for individual coaching.


Katherine Ellison is a Pulitzer-prize winning former foreign correspondent and author and co-author of 12 books. She writes about ADHD, murder, motherhood, and more.