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Texas Hold‘em Poker

Week of September 30, 2023

Fun with Poker – Basics of Texas Hold’em
The Introductory sessions will cover the rules and basic strategy, preparing Ranch guests for the open Hold’em tournament later in the week. Practice games will be included.

More Fun with Poker – Beyond Basics of Texas Hold’em
The Intermediate session will explore more advanced topics that with practice can help get you ready for a seat at any poker table.  Practice games will be included.

PRACTICE for Texas Hold’em Tournament

Most Fun Finale – Rancho La Puerta Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament
Class participants and other Ranch guests are invited to participate in the fun and friendly poker tournament. Prizes will be given for top placements. All skill levels are welcome!

Lorraine Clayton is the co-founder of All-In Academy Poker LLC, running in-person and online poker training/tournaments, and the founder and regular player in a long-standing monthly home poker game playing cash and tournament formats. She has helped organize multiple charity poker events and played in various casino poker tournaments. She won 3rd place in the 2013 Rancho La Puerta Poker Tournament. In addition, Lorraine is a board member and active participant in numerous charities, has a career in technical project management, volunteers at celebrity and PGA golf tournaments, is a recreational golfer, and poker enthusiast. She loves living in beautiful San Diego and has an adult son living in the Los Angeles area.