The Brain, Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Vagus Nerve Unmasked - Rancho La Puerta
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The Brain, Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Vagus Nerve Unmasked

Week of March 13, 2021

Would you like to enhance your intuition, mental clarity and calm your emotions? What is the anatomical organ in charge of those crucial three things? You’re Brain!

Dr. Chan will share innovative strategies to maintain mental clarity, enhance your intuition and increase ingenuity as we age. The steps we take to nourish the health of our brains also create longevity for our whole body.  All four lectures will build upon each other but can be explored separately also.

  • Diet and Nutraceuticals
    Learn powerful evidence-based ways to reduce anxiety and depression by 50% in a matter of weeks!
  • Why is Sleep Crucial
    Explore the importance of the fluids of the brain and how to enhance their circulation.
  • Deep Rest
    Learn the key ingredients to proper sleep hygiene in detail.
  • Neuro-regenerative Practices to Build New Neural Pathways
    Practice a specific meditation for balancing the limbic system of the brain to down shift allowing for a more balanced stress response.

Leave relaxed, connected and smarter!



Jacqueline S Chan  DO, MIM
Integrative Medicine Physician | Energy Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Jacqueline Chan made a conscious choice to integrate two empirically verifiable truths: a specific compound, herbal or pharmaceutical, can help “cure” an illness; mental thoughts and cellular trauma or feelings locked in the body can both cause illness and heal illness.

She graduated from Mount Holyoke College magna cum laude in philosophy then did a short stint in an MBA finance program on Wall Street in New York City. Jacqueline decided her true calling was in medicine. In 1994 she graduated from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Jacqueline is board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine and Neuromusculokeletal Medicine. Dr. Chan spent 18 years honing her skills as an integrative physician by studying herbs, functional medicine, heavy metal detox, osteopathic manipulation, nutrition, bio-identical hormone balancing and functional lab analysis. In 2012 she collaborated on a research study on chronic disease with Beverly Rubik, PhD at the Institute of Frontier Science. In 2013, she graduated from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® trained as a Medical Intuitive and remote healer. In 2014 she completed a Transformative Leadership Training; and created a Chakra Doctor Series and Energetic Boundaries Course within a yoga teacher-training program. Dr. Chan’s goal is to connect the patient to their truth, wisdom and own innate healing force within their body. As a holistic medicine physician she believes that compassion, presence and grace are crucial healing forces along with intelligently applied clinical knowledge.