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The #BreakFree Challenge

Week of February 1, 2020

Are You Yearning to BREAK FREE? Are you ready to live the big juicy, joyful, abundant life you’ve always imagined?

The #BreakFree Challenge will bring greater freedom into your life. You’ll go on a journey, out of your comfort zone, to unleash your truest, most favorite self. You’ll learn your unique gifts and super powers and get specific actions each day. In five days at the Ranch, you’ll feel more empowered, and inspired about who you are and your life.

5 Days to Feel More Powerful and Free. Let’s GO!
Join the #BreakFree Challenge this week and set yourself FREE!

Lesson #1 – Rules to Break to Set Yourself Free
We often are the ones holding ourselves back because we’ve agreed to live by the rules of our culture. The outcome is we play small and self-esteem is low. It’s time to #BreakFree. It’s time to be front and center in our own lives and create the juicy, expansive, abundant life we’ve always imagined. In Lesson #1, we will look at the limitations we’ve bought into and create new rules to live by that are empowering and uplifting.

Lesson #2 – How to Show Up More Powerfully
To realize our full potential, we need to step fully into our power. Many of us give our power away to others without realizing it. In Lesson #2, we will discuss what power is and isn’t, how to feel more comfortable with power and ways to show up and embrace our power for our ultimate happiness and success.

Lesson #3 – Creating Your Authentic Brand – Part #1
This will be a fun dive into who you are and what sets you apart from others!

In Lesson #3, You will understand your strengths, those that come natural and easiest to you and your top learned skills. When you are in touch with your attributes, you will feel more confident, centered and aligned. You will make choices based upon what fulfills your and be able to offer your best self to those around you.

Lesson #4 – Creating Your Authentic Brand – Part #2
The fun dive into who you are continues! In Lesson #4, you will identify your core values – the principles that guide you – and get in touch with your unique passions that make you come alive. Once you go through this process, you will understand your unique gifts you can share with the world! Note: attending Lesson #3 is not a requirement to come to this lesson.

Lesson #5 – What You Want – Creating an Action Plan
Now that you know who you really are, say hello to your big, beautiful awesome, delectable self! In Lesson #5, you’ll determine what you really want, a list of activities that you’ve been wanting to do. Things that are scary and take you out of your comfort zone. You will develop an action plan in one area of your life and will share it with a partner.


Amy is a strategist, consultant and coach and the founder of Woman UnRuled. Her expertise is empowering women and men to reach their highest potential of success – in business and in life.  Earlier in her career, Amy spent 12 years in executive search. Prior to recruiting, she held executive positions in Silicon Valley where she led high performing teams to overachieve objectives. Amy is most passionate about helping people become powerful and free. To learn more about Amy, go to