The British and Our Pets | Nicholas McGegan - Rancho La Puerta
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The British and Our Pets | Nicholas McGegan

Week of January 5, 2019

We Brits have always been crazy about our pets, whether they be a scruffy mongrel or a Churchillian Bulldog, a mangy tom or an elegant Siamese cat.

This talk is nothing more than a lighthearted look at the British love for their furry or feathered pals from about the mid 17th century to the end of the Georgian era about the time of the death of Jane Austen. Some dogs are firmly associated with gentlemen, others with ladies and, in the male imagination at least, women and cats have a natural affinity. A few more exotic beasts will make an appearance, too.

As well as readings from the period, there will be a host of images and even some music.