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The Craft Behind Romoherrera

Week of July 20, 2024

ROMOHERRERA is an honest and genuine brand that was created in 2014.

Romoherrera’s metal masterpieces are handmade from start to finish, using traditional techniques passed on by generations. One item can take up to two weeks to make, with up to 8 people involved in its process.

Absorbing energy from every single person and process, the pieces come to life.

Nature is the main source of inspiration for Cristina Romo & Eduardo Herrera. They work with mainly metals such as silver, copper and, tumbaga.


Eduardo Herrera is an architect and designer. In 2011, he went on to live in Taxco, where he discovered the joy of working with metals, which led him to develop his workshop and studio. Nature and Architecture are reinterpreted in his designs.

Cristina Romo is a third generation member of a family of designers. As a child she began drawing and developed interest in the world of Silversmithing. Today, scenes and elements from nature inspire her designs.


Emilia Castillo, a second generation designer, born in Taxco, Mexico, where she grew up surrounded by an exotic environment filled with beautiful plants and animals, each piece she creates is an inspiration of her surroundings and a playful mixture of metals and natural elements such as, lapis lazuli, jasper, turquoise, malachite, onyx and alabaster. Each handmade piece is as beautiful as it is functional and meant to be used.