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The Evolution of Relating in the 21st Century

Week of July 17, 2021

From the moment we are born, relationships are a critical aspect of our wellbeing. For nearly 80 years, Harvard has been studying clues to a fulfilling life. Their findings are resoundingly conclusive: our relationships have an observable influence on our health and happiness. If we’re not consciously choosing all dimensions of how we relate, we may find that our default patterns do not serve our heart’s desires, purpose or our needs. In this series we’ll illuminate how being aware of and attending to our habits of relating helps us hold and honor the containers that make life workable.

Workshops Summary:  Playfully discover the small adjustments we can make to gain value in the relationship connections, results and fulfillment we seek.

Workshop #1: Exploring the Hidden World of Thriving Relationships

Workshop #2:  Cultivating Trust for the Art of Soul Sharing

Workshop #3:  Breathing Into Presence: Inhale Your Part, Exhale What Belongs to Others

Workshop #4:  The Theory of Imagination


MaryCay Durrant has a natural ability to transform conflict into connection. She weaves a unique blend of pragmatic business savvy and neuroscience-based leadership models that turn differences from detractors into fuel for performance. 30 years of experience, working with senior executives from Cisco, Qualcomm and Johnson & Johnson fuels her passion for helping people create rich relationships in their lives, families and communities.  Her approach hinges on helping people with differences find common ground and language for working things out. MaryCay uses nature’s wisdom to help people tap into their natural design to create harmony in relationship with others and reimagine the possibilities.