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The Future of You: How to Survive and Thrive in Changing Times

Week of August 10, 2024

This program will provide you with the information and tools to adapt to the upcoming dramatic changes in technology and environment while staying healthy, safe, and happy.

The Future of You: How to Survive and Thrive in Changing Times
Jill will introduce the concepts of change and adaptation with an entertaining slide show of the rise and fall of civilizations around the world, talk about lessons learned, and forecast what happens next for humanity. Examples will come from fiction, film, and real life. What have we learned? What can we improve? And what should we be looking forward to?

The Body in the Future: Wearables, Sensors, Ingestibles?!
Learn about what’s current and what’s next in biohacking and health technology for your body.

Art and the Future: Is it all just cat videos now?
We’ll learn about the future of fine art (painting, sculpture, video, and more) as well as the performing arts. What we’ve learned about the future of art in these last few years of online adventures is only the beginning!

(Re-) Writing Your Future: There’s job crafting, life crafting, and relationship crafting in your future.
We’ll learn how to take what we know about what’s coming with technology and apply it to your individual future.


Jill BronfmanJill Bronfman is a tech lawyer and media professor who has done extensive research on the future of humanity. She was named to The Recorder’s list of the 50 Women Leaders in Tech Law. She has presented on the future of tech at conferences in Geneva, Auckland, London, Brno, Kerala, Beijing, and Washington, DC, among other cities. Jill’s publications include academic papers, tech books, media articles, flash fiction, and ecopoetry. She holds graduate degrees in law and communications from USC, and in history and communications from UC Berkeley.


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