The GROOVE DANCE Floor Experience! - Rancho La Puerta
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The GROOVE DANCE Floor Experience!

Week of January 4, 2020

Re-CREATE your workout…..GET GROOVE FIT! – THEGROOVE™ Experience
THEGROOVE™ F.I.T. is a mind-blowing, functionally integrated fitness experience.   Not only do you get to Dance Your Heart Out in the way that best suits your body and soul, you also get to enhance every area of fitness you can possibly think of. Cardio, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, full range of motion, muscular strength, endurance and exclusive to THEGROOVEexperience, we’re gonna pump-up your creativity muscle too.  There are NO fancy steps or choreography to memorize — just UNITE in a ridiculously SIMPLE yet effective movement connected to MakeYouWannaDancemusic and GROOVE yourself FIT!


GENTLE GROOVES…Restorative Flow– THEGROOVE™ Experience
“GROOVE your body CALM to HEAL and RESTORE”

Are you ready and willing to gain access to the fullest potential of movement in your body?  No one can do it for you except you!  Find YOUR FLOW and experience how good you can feel ALL OF THE TIME!  Learn one of the most powerful tools for a healthy life; the ability to soothe, restore and relax your mind and body through music, movement, creativity and breath. Enjoy the bliss of slowing down, elongating your muscles, decompressing your joints and making sweet sweet love to your whole body!


Heather Winia is a master trainer and educator for The World GROOVE Movement and the featured facilitator on the bodyGROOVE Fit DVD series and online streaming program.  She brings with her 27 years of experience in the fitness/wellness industry and 10 years of sharing holistic health education and GROOVE DANCEfloors at fitness conferences and wellness retreats around the world.  Her passion is to INSPIRE the WORLD to DANCE, to Speak Truth and to LIVE Authentically while spreading POSITIVE VIBES in all she does!