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The Heart of Americana

Week of April 20, 2024

Claudia Russell and Bruce KaplanClaudia Russell, a celebrated California troubadour, and her husband Bruce Kaplan, a master of electric guitar and mandolin, form an enchanting duo that brings a tapestry of Americana sounds to life. With Claudia’s angelic voice and Bruce’s intricate accompaniments, they create music that resonates with both the heart and soul. Based in the Bay Area, Claudia and Bruce take their audiences on a musical odyssey through the diverse landscapes of American music. Their journey pays homage to the iconic sounds of Laurel Canyon, the historic folk of Greenwich Village, the soulful essence of blues divas, and the rustic charm of Bakersfield’s country scene. At the core of this journey is Claudia’s evocative voice, her skillful guitar playing, and their shared talent for storytelling through music. Since their debut in 2000, this dynamic duo has captivated listeners in over 1000 performances across the United States, from intimate clubs to major festivals and everything in between. Their music, known for its genuine emotion and captivating melodies, has not only thrilled live audiences but has also been celebrated in esteemed circles. Claudia has twice been a finalist in the prestigious Kerrville New Folk competition, and their artistry has been recognized in American Songwriter, Sing Out, and even on NPR’s All Things Considered. As they prepare to grace the stage at Rancho La Puerta, Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan promise an unforgettable musical experience that harmonizes the spirit of Americana with the charm of this Mexican paradise. Their performance will be a journey through song, inviting listeners to explore the richness of American music and the intimate stories that make their artistry so unique. Join us for an evening of soul-stirring music and discover why Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan are not just performers but true musical storytellers.