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The Importance of Being Wrong

Week of October 5, 2019

The Importance of Being Wrong
Leslie McGuirk makes the case that being wrong is an essential ingredient for creative thinking and can in fact help us regain a more natural state of playful expectancy.  All children are creative because they are unafraid of random thoughts and chaotic thinking.  As soon as the adult world dictates what is “right,” our creativity diminishes.  As adults, we become self-conscious and reasonable, afraid to take chances.  A calcification of our minds sets in, and that natural, invaluable relationship with nonsense and enchantment fades away.  Leslie was told repeatedly by adults and teachers that she had no talent as an artist. Despite the negativity and with no training in art, she began selling whimsical T-shirts out of the back of her car and eventually became a famous designer in Japan, and a well-known author and illustrator of over 20 children’s picture books with two million plus sales. McGuirk explains how being “wrong” has been the number one reason for her creative success, and how taking an awkward and intuitive path can lead to tremendous personal and creative success.

Quest for Inspiration
How can we increase our ability to have inspired and creative thoughts, with no effort?  Leslie McGuirk created The Quest for Inspiration workshop for Ranch guests 19 years ago. Her unusual methods to increase one’s creativity have made her one of the Ranch’s most popular presenters.  She has worked with many corporations and recently did a TEDx talk in Hollywood CA. She believes inspired thinking is necessary for professional and personal reasons, and without it we run the risk of becoming stale and possibly turning into adult zombies.


The Hows and Whys of Astrology
Learn the hows and whys of Astrology with Leslie McGuirk, professional astrologer, with over 25 years-experience. She believes your astrology chart is like the owner’s manual in your car. It can tell you the best way to run your vehicle, but you always have free will to do whatever you want. Just as the moon controls the tides of the oceans, the moon has an influence over our lives since our bodies are over 70% water.  Everything in Nature has a design or a pattern, and we as humans also have a system.  Discover more about your own personal imprinting system and how this knowledge can help make life a lot easier.

The Power of Mercury
Everyone talks about Mercury Retrograde, but few people know what it really means.  Come to this astrology workshop and discover the true meaning of Mercury Retrograde.  Everyone knows their Sun Sign.  Few know their Mercury Sign.  Mercury describes our intelligence, mind and memory.  It rules our sense of humor, what fascinates us, how we speak, how we write and how we express ourselves with words.  Knowing about Mercury signs is a wonderful tool for discovering compatibility.  In this class you will understand why some people are easier for you to get along with than others.  Leslie McGuirk is the author of The Power of Mercury, published by Harper Collins.


Leslie McGuirk’s children’s books include the Tucker Series, If Rocks Could Sing, and Wiggens Learns His Manners at the Four Seasons, which Martha Stewart calls “a charming introduction to the fine art of good behavior.” She has sold over 2 million books worldwide, but started as an untrained artist selling her T-Shirt designs out of the back of her car. She became a marketing phenomenon in Japan during the 1990’s. Takashimaya, the high end Japanese department store produced over 1,500 products with her designs. She was also chosen as the designer for the restoration of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. Her “Quest for Inspiration” workshops began at Rancho La Puerta and have since been taught in many places including AARP, The Jim Henson Company, Wachovia Bank, Wilmington Trust, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and many others.  Leslie’s well received TED talk in Hollywood CA on THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WRONG can be found on the Web:

The Importance of Being Wrong | Leslie McGuirk | TEDxHollywood