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The Inner Fitness Program

Week of August 17, 2019

The Inner Fitness Program in 5 sessions:
Love or Fear – It’s Your Choice
Healthy Inner Dialogue – Discover Your Joyous Adult
Emotional Fluency – Permission to Feel
Powerful You – Ownership and Responsibility
Create Your Best Life – How to Manifest Your Dreams



Jeff Jacobson, CPCC, is an executive and corporate coach and facilitator. He has worked in the field of coaching and training since 1994. He joined the faculty of The Coaches Training Institute in 1999, and believes that all good learning must include laughter. He cares deeply for the health, welfare, and social justice of humanity.

Jeff coaches personal and corporate clients from all over the world in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, and appreciates both the cultural differences and basic similarities of the people he meets everywhere he goes.

As a member of the Lucid Living spiritual community, Jeff has learned to cultivate dreams beyond his wildest expectations, a rich inner world, and a deep connection with the Divine in all aspects of his life.

He lives with his partner and their two cats in Los Angeles, where he also writes a young adult urban fantasy fiction series, the first book of which is called The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly Straight.”