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The Inner Fitness Program

Week of January 25, 2020

Day 1 Desire – It’s Not What You Think
We explore the emotion of desire, an incredible fuel needed in order to achieve one’s dreams. Desire, often criticized by major religions and pop culture alike, is not what you think or fear. Together we’ll look at how whimsy, daydreams, and simple wants can fuel our dreams and goals by simply asking the question, “What do I want?”

Day 2 Possibilities – The Art of Asking, “What If?”
We dive into the world of possibilities. Many of us try to think outside the box, only to undercut our own brainstorming sessions with fears, realities, and distractions. How do you actively look for what is possible as a guidance mechanism? We will explore this topic by playing with the question, “What if …?”

Day 3 Obstacles – Being Creative Amidst Life’s Stumbling Blocks
We look at obstacles, and how they can help or hinder us. Many of us start out on the road of goal-setting by looking at all the things that stand in the way. There is a time to do this, but not at first. By starting with desire and possibilities, we are filled up with our own sense of what we can do. Then, when we look at life’s hurdles, we can learn from them, move them out of the way, or simply accept that they are there, and plan accordingly. We will understand more about obstacles by asking ourselves the question, “What might try to get in my way?”

Day 4 Allies – People, Places, and Things That Inspire Us
We look at the crucial role that allies can play in achieving our dreams. Often times we assume we have to go it alone, and yet would benefit greatly from outside help. Allies can be found everywhere, in surprising places. They can be friends, colleagues, or even naysayers who fuel us on. They can be famous people who inspire, but they can also be songs, Instagram videos, a favorite walk in the woods, or your favorite movie. Anything that helps you recover your sense of self, and of inspiration, can be an ally. We will learn more about our allies by asking ourselves, “Who or what can help me overcome obstacles and reach my dreams?”

Day 5 Plans – How To Commit with Grace and Integrity
We finally look at a plan for achieving goals. We will review the different kinds of plans that are possible, as well as our relationship to discipline, commitment, grit, and fun (because planning doesn’t have to be boring!). We’ll learn that sometimes the whole picture is needed to drive us forward, while other times, only the first step is crucial. We will dive into the concept of where the rubber meets the road by asking ourselves the question, “What will I commit to?”



Jeff Jacobson, CPCC, is an executive and corporate coach and facilitator. He has worked in the field of coaching and training since 1994. He joined the faculty of The Coaches Training Institute in 1999, and believes that all good learning must include laughter. He cares deeply for the health, welfare, and social justice of humanity.

Jeff coaches personal and corporate clients from all over the world in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, and appreciates both the cultural differences and basic similarities of the people he meets everywhere he goes.

As a member of the Lucid Living spiritual community, Jeff has learned to cultivate dreams beyond his wildest expectations, a rich inner world, and a deep connection with the Divine in all aspects of his life.

He lives with his partner and their two cats in Los Angeles, where he also writes a young adult urban fantasy fiction series, the first book of which is called The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly Straight.”