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The Mediterranean Diet +Travel Photography

Week of April 6, 2024

The Mediterranean Diet: A Way of Life
Paulette’s talk is a slideshow featuring photos that she has taken in Mediterranean countries, many shot in colorful and lively food markets where freshness is of utmost importance.

You will learn how residents in the Mediterranean region enhance well-being and increase longevity with prudent eating and wise living.

The Mediterranean diet recommendations do not eliminate many natural foods but instead offer suggestions for the best items to eat in various categories. In general, the foundation of the diet is plant-based, natural, and unprocessed foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Olive oil is the main source of added fat. Fish, seafood, dairy, and poultry are included in moderation.  Red meat and sweets are eaten only occasionally. The Mediterranean diet principles can also be easily be adapted for vegetarians thanks to the wide variety of recommended natural, nutrient-rich foods.

The Mediterranean lifestyle is also part of the plan, including daily physical activity, as well as placing a priority on taking time to gather around the table to savor and share healthy meals.

Perhaps this diet and way of life is why people who live around the Mediterranean are noted as being some of the healthiest people in the world.

Photography Classes:
Cookbook author, photographer, and international traveler Paulette Mitchell will explain how to transform your travel photos from simple snapshots to artistically crafted images. Paulette’s Tips are illustrated with her photos from around the world, so you will also be entertained as you view the images of both sophisticated cities and humble locations, and the people who dwell in them.

It’s not necessary to have a complicated or expensive camera. With the right techniques it’s always possible to capture a mood. Know when to press the shutter to show emotion in your shots of people. Make a personal statement through a picture. Reveal the beauty of the grandest or simplest subjects. And become aware of the elements of composition to artfully represent your travel memories.

Travel Photography: Tips for Pleasing Composition
Paulette will discuss photography basics, as well as tips for engaging your five senses, not just the visual. Learn how to develop a personal strategy and become aware of simple methods to turn snapshots into artful photos using the camera of your choice, cell phone, iPad, or SLR.

Travel Photography: Capture Ambience in Cities & Emotions in People
Create more than simple images with photos that express distinctive qualities of places and people by seeing the world through a photographer’s eye. Paulette will discuss how to engage locals on a personal level. Paulette will also talk about Becoming a Traveler, Not a Tourist, and how that approach will be reflected in your photos.

Paulette MitchellPaulette Mitchell is an internationally-known author of 14 cookbooks, several of which received Gourmand World Media Awards. Her most well-known cookbook series is The 15-Minute Gourmet, and she is recognized for other cookbooks addressing vegetarian soups, appetizers, homemade salad dressings, vegetarian sandwiches, and cooking with the various forms of soy.

Paulette has also produced several series of travel and culinary videos, which received Telly Awards. These videos feature the food markets and customs of Italy, Spain, France, and China, as well as the techniques and ingredients for many international cuisines.

Paulette is a freelance food and travel writer, culinary speaker, and photographer, with images from around-the-world travel to 128 countries. For 25 years, Paulette has been a frequent lecturer and guest chef on luxury cruise ships, where she speaks about destination-related topics and demonstrates the cuisines. She has also been a guest and speaker at Rancho La Puerta since 1987.