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The New Matriarchy + Writing Workshop

Week of March 22, 2025

The New Matriarchy
There’s a new generation of powerful older women who are becoming a major force in our society. You don’t need to be a mother to be a matriarch, with female entrepreneurs, teachers, and community leaders shaping not just families but the society and the culture.  Who are the new matriarchs, how are they changing the world, and what does this mean for your own life? Pamela Redmond, bestselling author of the upcoming novel The Matriarch, talks about the social and personal power of the modern matriarch.

The Five-Minute Writer Workshop
The author of a novel that became a hit TV show talks about how she wrote her bestselling book and how you can use the same creative techniques to become the author of your own life. Using writing and other innovative creativity exercises, this acclaimed novelist will guide you to transforming your life into fiction as well as using fiction-writing skills to create the life you want.

Pamela Redmond is the author of the novel Younger, which became the hit television show by Sex & the City’s Darren Star, along with 20 other books of fiction and nonfiction. Her newest novel, The Matriarch, a feminist spin on Succession, will be published by Zibby Books in August 2024.

Photo Credit – Mark Hanauer