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Week of June 29, 2019

Dealing with Procrastinators: How to get someone (even yourself) to get started, get motivated, and get things done
We all avoid boring, overwhelming, or difficult tasks, at least temporarily; but ongoing procrastination is a costly, destructive habit. In this dynamic seminar, executive coach and author of the best-selling The Now Habit, Neil Fiore, PhD provides clear strategies for overcoming procrastination and taking care of life’s details before they become problems. Learn why we procrastinate and how to replace procrastination with the productive habit of starting now! Get unstuck from a sense of overwhelm, resistance, and guilt. Learn how to develop skills to conquer procrastination and shift to feeling focused, efficient, and effective. Learn how to shift from Procrastinator to Producer.

Set effective goals: the 4 essential steps
Whether you are trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or make career decisions, your success or failure will be determined by how you set your goals. The key to successful goal achievement is overcoming ambivalence and evoking the cooperation of your body and mind, especially your subconscious mind. To achieve your goals more rapidly and easily learn how to stay on track and focused on the daily steps toward your goal. Why typical goal-setting usually fails: Typical goal setting is little more than a wish-list of wants or “New Year’s Resolutions.” It lacks a leader’s clear Action Step, a clear path to your goal, a functional goal, and a plan for bouncing back from set-backs.

Shift from Worry to Wonder: Making the Impossible Possible
Worry is your mind’s way of asking you to create a plan for survival. When you feel anxious and overwhelmed, you probably are not making plans on how to cope with potential threats. It gets even worse if you threaten to “beat yourself up” if things go wrong. Shift from Worry to Wonder will put you in the role of an effective leader who confronts problems, develops solutions to reduce stress, enhances recovery from medical procedures, and performs optimally on exams, in sports, and for presentations. The Shift from Worry to Wonder process will show you how to access more of your brain and body’s deeper wisdom, lessen struggle, and create inner peace and safety.

Stop Stress and Anxietyshut off harmful stress hormones in seconds
Learn how to bring your mind into the present moment—out of the past regrets and worries about the future. Learn to create a safe atmosphere all around you that shuts off both the Stress Response and anxiety. Discover the difference between the physical survival response of stress and the mental habits and evoke anxiety and worry. Notice how focusing on a task with the intensity of a peak performing athlete or musician can actually turn off stress and anxiety while putting you in a healing meditative state.


Dr. Neil Fiore is the bestselling author of Awaken Your Strongest Self, The Now Habit, and Coping with the Emotional Impact of Cancer. Neil was a paratrooper with 101st Airborne, a manager for Johnson & Johnson, and was a psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Fiore has published in The New England Journal of Medicine and has been cited in The New York Times, The Times of London, The Washington Post, and The Wall St. Journal. Neil conducts seminars and lectures at major schools and businesses, including the Smithsonian Institute, Bechtel Power, AT&T, Levi Strauss, and Philadelphia’s Jefferson Medical College. Neil is the recipient of the University of California’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as well the “Checker of the Year” award from the supermarket he worked at while attending college in Jersey City, New Jersey.