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The Path to Self-Love and Self-Compassion

Week of July 20, 2019

The Path to Self-Love and Self-Compassion (Series)
Many of us spend a lifetime criticizing ourselves over mistakes and failures, which can lead to anxiety fear, depression or self-loathing.  Self-love and compassion can be the antidote to the inner critic by opening the heart.  This series of presentations teaches informal and formal practices to strengthen the habit of responding mindfully and compassionately to emotional distress.  Experiences these transformative practices for treating yourself with kindness, honesty and love. Recognize your experience as part of a connection to others.  Learn the three components of self-compassion to cultivate these essentials qualities. *Self -Kindness *Common humanity *Mindfulness

Life is Too Important to be Taken Seriously – Finding Happiness Within
Understand the relationship between mindfulness, calm and happiness.  Learn the science behind real happiness that can lead each of us to live with dignity and compassion.  Learn to open your heart and transform your life with practices of mindfulness and gratitude.  In this fun, interactive seminar, you’ll develop your capacity to have a say in how you experience life. Go beyond theories to discover direct access to creating happiness.


Dea Rivera, LMFT is a bilingual family therapist and educator in San Diego, with over 20 years-experience dedicated to helping families strengthen communication, find happiness and create balance in their lives. After receiving her Master of Science in Counseling from San Francisco State University in 1998, she started a private practice and became a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, positively affecting clients’ mindset and life with mindfulness techniques. Dea believes that Mindfulness is one of the most valuable tools that can be used in today’s hectic world, particularly in our fast-paced culture. Currently, Dea has trained over 6,000 adults and youth to use mindfulness when dealing with the realistic pressures of today’s world- whether that be caring for an elderly loved one, supporting a stressed-out colleague or meeting an emotional friend. In addition, Dea contributes to Aura Health App, helping others prioritize health and happiness using guided mindfulness meditations, stories and CBT.