The Pillars of an Inspired Life: Body, Mind, and Soul | Daniel Javit, MD, CHWC - Rancho La Puerta
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The Pillars of an Inspired Life: Body, Mind, and Soul | Daniel Javit, MD, CHWC

Week of October 19, 2019

Awake and inspire your Body, Mind, and Soul in Dr. Javit’s comprehensive ‘feel-good’ workshop.

The Pillars of an Inspired Life: Body, Mind, and Soul

We’ve been told that living a happy and fulfilling life is all about balance, but how does one obtain this balance? Learn how a physician trained in western medicine sought out eastern philosophy to integrate the best of both worlds; the ideal blend of east meets west. By incorporating a sustained focus on the body, mind, and soul using all traditions, we can create the destiny we want. The culmination of the workshop will describe the presenter’s own personal transformation when he discovered his soul right here at Rancho La Puerta several years ago. Come hear the inspiring story.

“Happiness is a practice, not a given”. 

        -Daniel Javit MD, CHWC


Caring for the body, mind, and soul can optimize one’s life: the body being the vehicle that determines our longevity, the mind acting as the filter which defines our experience, and the soul raising us from default unconsciousness to greater awareness. As a physician, yogi and meditator for the past 30+ years, I have studied and compiled practices that represent an ideal blend of east meets west: steeped in scientific research but also connected to the power of wisdom and spirituality

Session 1

THE BODY: Optimizing health and longevity.

We will examine how to best maintain our bodies by looking at the food we eat, the movement we perform, and the rest/reflection we allow in our lives. 

Session 2

THE MIND: Training our thoughts to maximize happiness.

We will study the mind to learn how to control it; instead of thoughts and emotions dictating our lives, we’ll learn how to redirect them to achieve our goals. 

Session 3

THE SOUL: Exploring a life without limits.

We will explore how connecting to others and the world around us can lead to greater meaning, purpose, and sense of community.   

Highlights include: 

  • Understanding the complex and controversial world of nutrition. 
  • Incorporating bio-individuality when selecting the ideal diet 
  • Using biofeedback to fuel the body for peak performance 
  • Bringing intentional movement into our lives to create more energy 
  • Prioritizing an exercise routine that is a joyful and integral part of the day. 
  • Understanding the critical role that sleep plays in one’s vitality. 
  • Learning the latest recommendations in sleep hygiene to promote deeper sleep. 
  • Practicing breathing, meditation, and visualization to develop inner awareness. 
  • Working through needs and emotions to increase our clarity of purpose. 
  • Cultivating a connection to others as a way of enhancing our spirituality. 
  • Starting slow, taking baby steps, and celebrating one’s victories on the journey to optimal health and wellness.

This practical workshop details and demonstrates techniques that can take our lives to the next level. Each participant will receive handouts of the practices to continue them at home. Since the practices are straightforward and brief, they can be done almost anywhere and anytime. 

Why not live an inspired life now? 


Daniel Javit, M.D., CHWC, an inspiring and transformational speaker, has been a physician for more than 30 years serving as Chief of Interventional Radiology at Lenox Hill Hospital. He graduated cum laude from Amherst College and received his M.D. and fellowship degree from Cornell University. He was board-certified by the A.B.M.S. and received the Physicians Recognition Award from the A.M.A. More recently, he became certified as a health and wellness coach. Dr. Javit has lectured in a wide variety of venues, including the New Age Health Spa, Kadampa Meditation Center, JCC Manhattan, Hunter College, and many major New York City hospitals. He has been practicing Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for 35 years.