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The Psychedelic Renaissance

Week of December 9, 2023

What is all the excitement about? What mental health challenges may be addressed, what personal development might be achieved, with these promising investigational drugs? Keen interest in this arena catapulted Michael Pollan’s How to Change your Mind to national best-selling book and a popular NetFlix series. Learn about the modern era clinical trials, the populations likely to benefit, the efforts to open access. Gain insight into the researchers, healers, entrepreneurs and advocates shaping the new psychedelic assisted therapy landscape.

Breakout gatherings:
Legal Issues Related to Access to Psychedelics
Overview of US law and policy governing these substances, evolution, current status, the role of advocates and advocacy, what is on the horizon?

Yoga and Psychedelics
Explore the similarities in the catalyzing of altered states of consciousness through both yoga practices and psychedelics. Delve into the possibilities of psychedelics and yoga as modalities with power to elevate and expand consciousness so that life’s greatest challenges(including trauma, PTSD, addiction, end of life existential distress)  can be embraced and part of one’s psychospiritual journey.


Kathryn Tucker, JD, is an attorney and law professor, and a national leader in spearheading creative and effective efforts to promote improved care for seriously ill patients, including seeking to compel DEA to allow access to psilocybin assisted therapy, a new treatment shown to bring immediate relief from anxiety and depression to patients with advanced illness.    Also a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Yoga,  Tucker developed and offers the workshop “Preparing for the Final Asana: Law and Medicine at the End of Life and What Yoga has to Offer” at retreat centers around the world, including the Ranch.