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The Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples

Week of May 25, 2024

The Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples: Tips on how to keep your relationship at peak performance

Sexuality and Health- and live longer and better!
Sex not only feels good, but research also indicates it may actually make you mentally and physically healthier. This talk explores why we may be inhibited and offers some suggestions about how to have a more confident and pleasurable sexual self.

Behind the scenes of Reality TV What Married at First Sight has taught me about love and marriage


Pepper Schwartz, PhD, is a renowned social psychologist and television personality. Well known for her 26 books on relationships, sexuality and family issues, she is also one of the three experts on the extremely popular Lifetime television show Married at First Sight, now in its 17th season. Two of her books, American Couples: Money, Work and Sex and The Normal Bar: The surprising secrets of happily married couples have been on the New York Times Best Seller lists. Among her many accomplishments she received awards from the American Sociological Association for Public Understanding of Sociology and was elected President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexualities. There is the Pepper Schwartz Professorship on sexuality and aging in the medical school of the University of Minnesota and the Pepper Schwartz Graduate Fellowship on Sexuality and Intimate Relationships at the University of Washington where she has been a professor since 1972. While she has published many academic articles and books, she is also known for writing well researched books and articles for popular consumption. She has also reached out to the public over the years as a columnist for Glamour and as the AARP Ambassador of love, sex, and relationships. Besides her tv appearances, she conducts workshops on marriage, intimate relationships and sexuality and writes a column for Seattle magazine. Her newest book, Relationship Rx was published February 13, 2023 with co-author Psychologist Dr. Jessica Griffin, who heads the Trauma Institute at the medical school at the University of Massachusetts in Wooster, Massachusetts. Pepper, a long-time contributor at the Ranch, is married and has two children, and four grandchildren. Pepper also has a four-legged family- three dogs and two horses and lives on a horse ranch in Snoqualmie, Washington.