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TODAY MATTERS: Why Today Impacts Tomorrow’s Success

Week of July 6, 2024

Join us for a transformative four-session journey as we unveil the art of crafting a fulfilling day and its profound impact on your tomorrow. In this exploration, we’ll challenge common misconceptions about success while navigating the realms of personal reflection, growth, and self-discovery.

During these sessions, you’ll be encouraged to take vital incremental steps that pave the way for daily success by delving into six key daily practices over four sessions.

Session 1: Introduction
Unveil the secrets of a fulfilling day and how today shapes your future in this inspiring introductory session.

Session 2: Attitude and Priorities
Discover how your attitude opens doors to endless possibilities and how setting priorities sharpens your focus on the path to success.

Session 3: Health and Family
Explore the vital role of health for enduring strength and the stabilizing influence of family in shaping your journey.

Session 4: Thinking and Growth
Harness the power of strategic thinking for a competitive edge and unlock your boundless potential through a focus on growth.

Remember, the most remarkable miracle is transforming who you are today into who you want to be tomorrow. Your canvas is today—start now to create a brand-new ending. Join us to embrace the significance of Today Matters!


Wellness Leadership Coach, Mentor and Speaker,  Mark Wuttke is a global influencer, wellness, sustainability, and mindful leadership expert with a prominent presence in 20+ countries across five continents. As Chief Growth Officer at Cosmetic Solutions Innovation Labs and a Maxwell Leadership Coach and Speaker, he blends visionary insights with impactful communication.

Beyond his roles, Mark’s contributions include founding memberships in the Global Wellness Summit Alumni Advisory Board and the Global Wellness Institute’s Beauty Initiative Chair. He closely collaborates with industry associations like ISPA, CSFA, and CMAA, and shares expertise at esteemed universities such as Florida Gulf Coast and Cornell.

Based in Jupiter, Florida, Mark is a thought leader who inspires growth-oriented individuals.