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Transformational Authors of San Diego

Week of March 6, 2021

Transformational Authors of San Diego Group presentation

Thriving in Chaotic Times (75 mins)
The challenging nature of the world can be unsettling. However, with the right tools and an increased awareness of your inner being you can thrive and be a source of inspiration to those around you. The Transformational Authors of San Diego will share inspiring, fresh perspectives as well as practical tips in an enlightening and interactive evening.

Individual Presentations:

Diáne Mandle
Sacred Sound Concert
A tapestry of harmonic overtones with ancient Tibetan bowls, Planetary gongs and percussion rooted in Buddhist teachings and practice techniques. It is a powerful vibrational journey which positively affects emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness leading to a sense of profound wellbeing.

Shifting Energy with Sound
Together we will explore how energy moves with sound founded in the principles of Tibetan Buddhism. You will be introduced to the spiritual and physical aspects of the modality. We will end with a short sound meditation with the Tibetan sacred sound instruments.

Cherie Kephart
Intuitive Writing: Discovering Your Authentic Self
We will explore the power of the written word as a transformative tool that will connect you with your most authentic self. You will learn how to release limitations, befriend your fears, and gain clarity and confidence so you can live to your highest potential. No writing experience is necessary.

Reconnecting to Joy through Inner Playfulness
Pure joy is an unconditional commitment to living blissfully, no matter what your life circumstances may be. Together we will reignite the inherent spark inside you, illuminate your inherent creativity, and reveal your genuine playful nature.”

Hanalei Vierra
Creating Emotional Intimacy in a Relationship
What is the best way to nourish a relationship both emotionally and physically? You will learn how to raise the bar of what to expect from each other to co-create a healthy, mature partnership.

Emotional Vulnerability: A Superpower for the New Millennium
Emotional vulnerability has gotten a bad rap regarding its value when it comes to human interaction. You will learn how self-care demands that we be open and honest emotionally for ourselves, our children, and our planet.

Suresh Ramaswamy
Accessing Your Inner Guidance
You have a constant source of inspired guidance within you to lead a fulfilling life. Learn how to use your intuition to tap into this inner well-spring of wisdom.

Beingfulness—Finding the Bliss in You
Learn to get in touch with the stream of bliss that is always flowing inside you by discovering and embodying your essence. A short guided meditation will help you directly taste this way of being.

Beingfulness Handout
Awaken to Your Infinite Nature Handout


Diáne Mandle is an internationally known author, recording artist with Sounds True, Tibetan bowl practitioner, and educator and the only state-certified practitioner/instructor in California. Diáne has given over 250 educational concert programs in 32 states as well as in India, Costa Rica, Mexico and St. Croix. She has been a frequent guest presenter at the Museum of Making Music, California State University San Marcos, The Golden Door, The Deepak Chopra Center, Rancho la Puerta and NPR radio and television station, KPBS. She is a featured expert in the video series: Tao—Living in Balance along with healers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and John Gray.

Diáne maintains a private sound healing practice in southern California where she also owns and operates the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School. She was part of the integrative therapy team at the San Diego Cancer Center and developed a successful sound healing program for incarcerated veterans with PTSD.

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Watch Diáne’s video: Sound Energy Healing


Cherie Kephart, MA, is a writer, editor, poet, and inspirational speaker, best known for her award-winning memoir A Few Minor Adjustments: A Memoir of Healing and its companion book, The Healing 100: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Her third book, Poetry of Peace, is a rare and poignant collection of poems that celebrate the decadence and darkness of life by chronicling her discovery of healing at both a deeper and a higher level.

In 2019, Cherie was honored to give the commencement speech at her alma mater, UCSD Eleanor Roosevelt College, inspiring thousands of students how to overcome one of life’s most challenging emotions: fear. Cherie has been celebrated for her holistic approach to healing and her willingness to examine her life lessons in her writing. By sharing her experience and insight, Cherie continues to inspire people throughout the world on their personal transformation and healing journeys.

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Hanalei Vierra, Ph.D., is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in San Diego, California. He has specialized for almost 30 years in working with male clients as individuals and in groups. He has also worked for over 20 years with his psychologist wife M’Lissa in doing conjoint couples counseling. Hanalei’s down-to-earth approach to 21st-century masculinity focuses on helping men access the testicular fortitude necessary to create healthy intimacy in relationships by freeing themselves from the prison of toxic, emotional ignorance that is traditional masculinity. He has recently published his first book titled: The True Heart of a Man: How Healthy Masculinity Will Transform Your Life, Your Relationships, and the World. This book offers a step-by-step road map that teaches men the important role that authenticity, personal integrity, and self-respect plays in creating a life that has meaning and gratitude.



Suresh Ramaswamy is a transformational teacher and visionary entrepreneur passionate about igniting and catalyzing the transformation of humanity. With his background as an electrical engineer and technology executive, he brings an inspired yet pragmatic approach to elevating consciousness on our planet. Held in high regard by people around the world, Suresh’s light-filled presence and guidance awakens them to their innermost essence.

A graduate of the University of Southern California with a Masters degree in electrical engineering, Suresh also holds multiple technology patents. He has held leadership positions in several high-tech companies and has a successful track record of conceiving breakthrough ideas and nurturing them from seed stage to real-world business engines.

He is also the teacher of the inspirational course, Transform Your Life, awakening leader of the Accelerated Growth Program, and organizer of the popular Wellness in All Dimensions Group.

Suresh lives near the ocean in beautiful San Diego, California. You’ll find him enjoying running barefoot on the beach at sunset, playing table tennis, dipping into transcendental written works, and sharing about Infinity and Light with like-minded souls. Above all, you will find him just being.

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