Transformative Gong Immersion - Rancho La Puerta
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Transformative Gong Immersion

Week of March 13, 2021
A ‘Gong Bath™’ is an expression of ‘Sacred Sound’. A blending of harmonics and eastern philosophy resulting in a powerful vibrational journey of emotional balance,cellular healing and spiritual awareness. Within every ‘Bath’ each participant is bathed with rhythms, tonalities and multi-tonal octaves that are naturally revitalizing, stress reducing and profoundly healing physically, mentally and spiritually.
Workshop 1: Introduction to the Alchemy of Sacred Sound Healing
Using Gongs tuned to a Planet Earth frequency we will explore the use of sacred sound for the purposes of healing, meditation and expanding consciousness.
Topics include:
• Healing properties of Sacred Sound
• Approaching the Gong
• Tonal regions of the gong and body interaction
• Q&A
Workshop 2: Introduction to the Alchemy of Sacred Sound Healing (continued)
• Therapeutic techniques/craftsmanship – including
• Sacred Geometry constructs
• Vibrational “layering” of octaves

• Gong improvisation

• Q&A
Workshop 3: Intro. to the Alchemy of Sacred Sound Healing (‘diving in’)
• Chakra Energy System activation
• Pineal/Pituitary gland and Vagus nerve relationship and activation
• Q&A