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Transitions, Transformations, and Traveling Solo!

Week of April 13, 2024

How to embrace the inevitable life transitions and learn a unique way to travel in your new chapter of life. 

Transitions—Embrace them!
Transitions are part of life. Whether it’s an evolution from a demanding career to retirement, a busy parent to empty nester, partnered-up to single, we are always changing. Sometimes the change is voluntarily and sometime change is foisted upon us. We will talk about identifying these transitions and organizing your new chapter into the right pillars for you.  One of the pillars for most people is travel. Especially now, people want to travel more or differently, but are at a loss as to what that really means.  The next sessions will deal with this one aspect of your transition—traveling in a different way as you design the next chapter of your life.

Transformation—How Shirleyfest can become “[your name here]fest”
In Berlin, Melbourne, Montréal, Rome, Kyoto and cities on every continent, Shirley carefully picks a host city and then embraces an intentional way of travel. She’s thrown dinner parties for new friends, perfected the art of eating out alone and unlocked the essence of the cities.  Although this sounds spontaneous, there are concrete steps she takes while planning and executing each Shirleyfest. Whether you are single, or just want to travel alone, or envision doing a fest with a partner, you will learn that optimizing your travel means mastering three basic concepts. 

Travel—The art of becoming a local
One of the secrets of Shirleyfest is being part of the community you have chosen. Learn how to “put lines in the water” in order to seek out the right people to meet. Shirley will show you how to increase the odds that those “lines” will pay off.  You will learn why it is important to establish a “first thing in the morning” and “last thing at night” place. In short—you’ll learn how to live like a local.

Travel—The nuts and bolts of travel technology
Many of us love that we are unplugged when we come to the Ranch. Yet we find ourselves plugging in the minute we cross the border for home. When we travel, and especially when we travel solo, technology can be a double-edged sword. Learn what specific apps, web sites and technology are critical aids and what you can leave at home. Handout Technology session


Shirley Buccieri is the creator of Shirleyfest: living one month every year in a different city in the world.  She goes to her new city alone, rents an apartment and fully embraces the city as a local. Everyone who learns of the concept loves the idea, but most have no idea where to begin.  Her acclaimed blog,, has been read in 91 countries and featured on various radio stations across the globe.  Shirleyfest was born out of transitions in her life.  Shirley is uniquely qualified to provide insights, tips, and enthusiasm to those interested in turning any transition into a transformation.