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Tree of Life, The Living Legacy of Edmond Szekely

Week of March 9, 2019

Cosmovitalism? Sumerian Baths?  The Essenes? Learn about the visionary genius and healing practices of the co-founder of the Ranch and join us for the screening of the short film, Tree of Life, The Living Legacy of Edmond Szekely.  There will be an introduction and brief Q &A.

An Introduction to the Work of Edmond Szekely, Major Prophetic Voice and Profound Visionary of the Twentieth Century

Twelve Aphorisms of Edmond Szekely and How They Can Change Our Lives. 
Meet Professor Ludwig Max Fischer for wine and conversation

Ludwig Max Fischer, Ph.D., is a retired university professor who has studied the work of the founder of Rancho La Puerta Edmond Szekely since 1983.  Born and raised in Germany he comes from a tradition of herbalists and has published and translated several books dealing with the European heritage of naturopathic medicine, natural healing and ecologically sound nutrition.  During his tenure as an academic  he experienced undiagnoseable  health problems  in his early thirties,  which led  him to  a lifelong  study of  many  healing modalities, ancient, modern and cross cultural.  He is currently co-authoring a book about the visionary work of Edmond Szekely together with his daughter Sarah Livia Brightwood Szekely.  Professor Fischer is also working on a book about holistic, ecological communities