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“Un-Mute” Your Heart, Your Soul: Your Voice

Week of August 3, 2019

“Un-Mute” Your Heart, Your Soul: Your Voice
A series of about 8 sessions

Many of us were discouraged from telling our stories along the way. Whether it was being dissuaded from taking on that fine arts degree in college, or being told not to “ruin” the music on the radio by singing along at the top of our lungs when we were “tweens.”  For the voice inside of you that was quieted against its will, we set the stage for you to “Un-Mute” Your Heart, Your Soul: Your Voice.

The week’s program:

We’ve come up with five ways to make your “un-mute” a blissful and peace-steeped experience:

  1. Prepare physically and mentally with daily Breathing and Relaxing Exercises.
  2. Overcome the pressure of yesterday’s results and tomorrow’s expectations with The Art of Warming Up: Being Here, Now, vocally.
  3. Find the words and sounds that best enable you to tell your story with Repertoire Selection*.
  4. Craft your story, in sound, with Vocal Style**.
  5. Tell your story with an End of the Week Vocal Performance!***

*If it sounds fancy, don’t worry: it isn’t! Repertoire Selection is about picking that song that notoriously sets you free … and yes, we mean strongly considering your favorite karaoke, shower, and/or highway cruising jam as a study piece.  We offer to brainstorm ideas with you one-on-one, to learn your selection with you, and to help you to better understand and express yourself through that selection.

**Some folks are soft-spoken but wish they were more outgoing; others long to be more intimate, sensitive, dynamic.   Any virtue you’d want to assume in your life, we can help you assume vocally with the full belief that if you can conquer it in your voice, you can conquer it in your life.

Un-Muted! Our Hearts…Our Souls…Our Voices…in Concert!

Thursday 8:00pm Oaktree Pavilion
*** Don’t worry!! The performance is not by any means “mandatory,” rather, it’s a special treat and a supportive stage to be able to share your personal findings with your fellow seekers should you choose to do so.


Soprano Sharon Spinetti has enjoyed an international operatic career spanning 25 years singing the leading soprano roles in such classics as Madame Butterfly and Tosca. She has maintained a voice and piano studio in Manhattan since 2007 where she has over 35 students who regularly perform at the Triad Theater and record at the famed Dubway Studios. Her musical theater company “WESST” features original works for kids and young adults. Sharon has composed solo classical works for voice as well as two children’s musicals. She is currently working on another musical theater project to premier in New York in 2020. Her “song-girls” brand was created to empower young girls through their art and passion and she looks forward to the debut of her song-girls cartoon show next year. Please visit the studio at www.song-girls.org


Anna Dagmar will be playing for the “Unmute Your Voice” workshop led by Sharon Spinetti.

Anna Dagmar is a NYC-based pianist, vocalist, singer-songwriter and musical theatre composer. She is currently a pianist, sub conductor and vocal coach for Waitress on Broadway. A two-time Gold Prize winner in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest, Dagmar has released four albums of original songs. Her music has aired on over 100 radio stations across the US. She is a member of the Tony-winning BMI Advanced Musical Theatre Writing Workshop, and a graduate of Eastman School of Music. www.AnnaDagmar.com