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Unstuff Your Life| Andrew Mellen

Week of August 17, 2019

Unstuff Your Life!
Whether you want to get a handle on a crowded kitchen, a disorganized closet, are drowning in papers or sick and tired of always losing your keys, you’ll find the answers to your problems and much more in this presentation. Combining easy and basic tools and simple mindfulness techniques, you can quickly simplify your life with immediate and lasting results. Andrew Mellen has helped over 100,000 people around the globe to get organized, clear clutter and increase their happiness for good.

More Love, Less Stuff
You know you could be better organized, but often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Expanding on the tools and solutions explored in Unstuff Your Life!, this workshop helps participants identify major clutter hot spots at home or work and create simple action plans to tackle those problem areas when they return home. Each participant will leave with 3 (or more) easy fixes they can quickly apply to create more space and harmony, along with new skills that will allow them to face future challenges with clarity, speed and a sense of humor.

Lighten Your Load by Living Your Values
Many people declare they know what is important to them, yet consistently make choices that complicate rather than simplify their lives and work. Not surprisingly, clutter, chronic lateness and disorganization are the natural results when your choices are out of integrity with your core values. Fortunately, it’s easy to bring your life back into alignment to increase your overall wellbeing and expand your happiness. Through personal and group exercises, rediscover what really matters and how to reinforce those values with every choice, from “what’s for lunch?” to major life decisions.

You’re Already Late! Time Management Secrets to Simplify Your Life
Forget multi-tasking and other gimmicks—there are no shortcuts to good time management. Fortunately, there are secret and not-so-secret ways to get organized and stay present that save you time and get you back into the driver’s seat for good. An open heart and an open mind will put an end to racing around looking for your keys, purse or cell phone while you learn practical, sustainable tools and techniques to break free from procrastination and someday-itis. You will quickly learn how to shift from being busy and overwhelmed to being awake, happy and effective.


Andrew Mellen is an organizational expert, speaker, and the best-selling author of Unstuff Your Life! His message is simple: Get rid of clutter and everything opens up. Everything means everything—your workspace, your home, your time and your life. Without clutter and disorganization to distract you, you will finally have free time for what matters.  Andrew believes we waste precious time procrastinating, building unsatisfying relationships with inanimate objects—things that can’t reciprocate our affection and stand between us and happiness. He’s on a mission to change that and is committed to helping everyone get back in touch with their core values and the things that really matter—which typically aren’t even things at all. Andrew’s frank, practical and compassionate approach has won him fans and followers from CEOs, psychologists and award-winning artists to educators, activists and overwhelmed parents everywhere. For over 18 years, he’s maintained a practice working one-to-one with individuals, as well as one-to-many with SMEs, non-profits and multinational corporations including Goldman Sachs, American Express, Bank of America, Genentech, NetApp, Time, Inc. and the US Departments of Education and Homeland Security. He speaks internationally on organization, simplifying, sustainability and productivity at conferences such as Dwell on Design, Sustainatopia, Great British Business Show, Dad 2.0, BlogHer and Fresh Business Thinking. He writes a column for Real Simple (Ask the Organizer) and is a frequent contributor and/or source for multiple publications. Andrew is on the faculty at New York Open Center and as a longtime mindfulness practitioner, frequently teaches about the intersection of organizing and spirituality at venues including Omega Institute, San Francisco Zen Center, Tassajara and the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment. Andrew lives by his motto: More Love, Less Stuff!®.  Find him on the web at andrewmellen.com