Family Week- Vinyl Vitality - Rancho La Puerta
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Family Week- Vinyl Vitality

Week of July 27, 2019

Mark Metz is an author, musicologist, and DJ who is one of the world’s foremost advocates for analog audio. With this year’s publication of Vinyl Vitality, he makes the case that vinyl records contribute to better health.

Your Family Week experience will include an all-ages dance party, hands-on DJ lessons for tweens and teens, and a seminar on digital media & screen addiction for the grownups. You’ll learn how neuroscience and current research into the electromagnetic nature of the human heart is leading to a new understanding of analog audio as a key to optimal health and wellness.

Connecting with your kids is more fun with music! When you let the magic of vinyl lead the way, consciousness raising is guaranteed. With over 30 years of record collecting and DJ experience, Mark is well-equipped to guide you on an uplifting musical mystery tour and provide you with a rare treat for Family Week!