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Vision Intelligence

Week of June 8, 2019

Visual Intelligence:  Balance and Coordination — through heart-centered optometry from a spiritual and conscious space. 

Vision Intelligence Workshop
As vision is learned and we are visual beings, Dr. Dean will take you back to when you were an infant with retained primitive reflexes which can affect our vision, to the adult world of visualization and perception, a subtest of vision that is rarely ever taught. The world of eyesight as you know it will never be the same, as vision acuity is only a sampling of what Dr. Dean will talk about. You will be exposed to and learn the many different skills that will allow you to function at your optimum potential, from the simple eye tracking skills to peripheral integration, vision computer syndrome to comprehension, perception,  visual memory, visualization and how vision can affect our emotions. You will experience an expansion in your knowledge from your central vision to your periphery and from your eyesight to your soul as we will consciously build a hierarchy of efficient visual systems.


Dr. Dana Dean is a behavioral optometrist who specializes in holistic optometry and vision intelligence. She has had a private optometric practice in San Diego for the past 15 years. Originally from South Africa, she completed her studies in San Diego as well as attending the New England College of Optometry in Boston. She treats her patients holistically performing vision therapy on both children and adults. Her patients also include brain injuries, stroke victims and adults who want to achieve maximum success in life and reach their true potential.  Not only does she see patients performing eye-brain-body connection and building visual efficiency, she also lectures on the topics of vision and brain integration, vision and the aging eyes, vision and spirituality, vision with balance and coordination, as well as vision intelligence. Dr. Dana Dean is also a passionate advocate for educating teachers on the importance of vision and learning in a school setting.