Volleyball with Suzanne Hebert - Rancho La Puerta
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Volleyball with Suzanne Hebert

Week of June 29, 2024

Water Volleyball
New or seasoned, water volleyball offers an exciting opportunity to enjoy the sunshine while honing your skills. Join us to master setting, passing, and serving techniques and participate in fun games alongside other guests.

Sand Volleyball
Experience beach-style volleyball right here on the sand court at the Ranch. Improve your skills by practicing various moves, engaging in friendly competition with other guests, and enjoying a fantastic workout.


Suzanne Hebert fell head over heels for sports from the moment she got her hands on that first basketball in Bellingham, MA, at five years of age. While training and playing hard on the varsity volleyball team in high school in her small town, she caught the eye of Junior Olympics recruiters who couldn’t resist her incredible talent. They whisked her away to play on not one but two Junior Olympic teams!

When it came time for college, Division 1 teams lined up to recruit her, but Suzanne kept it close to home and joined the fierce University of Rhode Island team. There, she and her teammates pulled off some jaw-dropping victories, leaving USC, UCLA, and Pepperdine in the dust on their way to the Final Four. And as if that wasn’t enough, Suzanne dominated the court with her killer blocking skills, snagging first place in the entire country!

These days, you’ll find Suzanne juggling balls of a different kind as she passes a few with high school students between classes. Professionally, Suzanne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, lending her clinical expertise to schools throughout Los Angeles. She also has a thriving private therapy practice, both in-person and virtual, where she helps people conquer life’s challenges like a true champion.

Whether she’s teaching volleyball or guiding people through the ups and downs of life, Suzanne is all about helping others learn and grow. And fear not, volleyball newbies! Suzanne loves teaching the basics, and has endless patience and a sense of humor to make every step of the journey a blast. With Suzanne by your side, you’ll surely ace the game and have a few laughs along the way!

“One of our greatest assets is our ability to persevere, despite overwhelming evidence that we won’t find our way.”
– Suzanne Hebert