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Water Week

Week of May 25, 2019

The warm, dry climate of the Ranch has always enticed water lovers to our three outdoor pools. Craig’s special summer program includes:

The Wave
M, W, F, 11:00am

Discover how fun and invigorating it is to create wave action in the pool. Harness the power of liquid resistance and experience a body-friendly workout that truly feels good. Our low-impact, shallow water class targets aerobic endurance, muscular strength, balance and flexibility.

HYDRO-FIT® Deep Water Training
Su, Tu, Th, 11:00am and M, W, 2:00pm

Deep water training is an ideal non-impact addition to your Ranch week. Use specialized HYDRO-FIT® buoyancy and resistance equipment to strengthen and tone your entire body while pushing fat-burning systems into high gear. No swimming skill is required, although comfort in deep water is recommended.

H2O Pool Pilates
Su, Tu, Th, 2:00pm

Experience Pilates inspired training in the pool. Use simple buoyancy equipment and water’s natural assistance & resistance to train the deepest muscle layers in your body. Develop core strength for improved posture, balance and coordination.

Aqua Ease
Sun, Tu, Th, 3:00pm

Experience soothing exercise in the pool. Ease muscle soreness and body aches as you discover how water provides support, assistance and resistance. Improve balance, enhance flexibility and restore mobility through gentle movement in the water.

H2O Sport Conditioning
M, W, F, 10:00am

Learn how to improve physical function and enhance your natural abilities in our playful, deep-water “boot camp” workout. Rediscover your inner child and have fun as you achieve a great cardiovascular, strength, and agility workout that will leave you feeling good, not sore and exhausted.

Swim Conditioning
Tu, Th, 12:00noon

Improve your stroke technique and enjoy a great swim conditioning workout Our coach is on deck to help you get the most from your swimming experience. All levels are welcome—from beginner to masters level. This class is 30-minutes.



Craig is a certified fitness instructor, and the creator and director of HYDRO-FIT® in Eugene, Oregon. He presents water workshops nationally and internationally. His innovative workouts range from easy to challenging.

On the Web: hydrofit.com