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Weight and Health from the Global to the Personal

Week of May 1, 2021

Weight Loss Lessons from Two Decades of Clinical Work
A practical and efficient synopsis of common weight loss strategies drawing from two case studies of patients who successfully lost weight and kept it off. We will look at their before and after diets and discuss what worked for them and how one can replicate their success, starting with how one’s week at Rancho La Puerta can redefine healthy eating.

Mindful Eating: A Forkful of Meditation
Do you know that how we eat is almost as important as what we eat? Join us for a fun dive into the “how” of eating, we will learn how to increase our sensual awareness of our food and enhance our eating and digestive experience. The workshop includes a short meditative eating exercise, be prepared to relax deeply and re-experience how you enjoy food.

Food, Culture, and Obesity in Nicaragua
How can the second poorest country in the western hemisphere also suffer from an epidemic of obesity? The answers will surprise you and include many practical takeaways for your own life. This talk includes a viewing of Dan’s Fulbright sponsored documentary short about the changing Nicaraguan diet and a discussion of the perception of food, influences on food choices, history of diet in Central America, and the roles of economics, race, and culture.


Dan Fenyvesi is a Registered Dietitian and a Fulbright Scholar. He has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University and has worked as a weight loss specialist. In addition to weight loss work, he also teaches college health and nutrition courses, works as renal nutritionist for DaVita Dialysis, and has extensive experience in Latin America. Dan recently published Food Sobriety, a book that blends nutrition guidance with stories from his time as a Fulbright Scholar working on the emerging obesity epidemic in Nicaragua.  www.foodsobriety.net