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What Next? Career planning and decision making at every age.

Week of October 31, 2020
The tools you need: to pivot, to pursue familiar or new goals, to stay whole, and to remain relevant and calm, in two 45-minute sessions:
  1. An overview of the market and the world in which we work and live. It’s driven by technology and change. Our goal is to create a path forward; one that we can modify and tweak to reflect what we want and how to present our best selves.
  1. Where the rubber hits the road: Developing a strategy to create options for a fulfilling next step; whether it’s staying whole in your current career, contemplating a career change, or planning for retirement.
Roy Cohen
I am a career coach and best-selling author.  I am considered by many to be the go-to career advisor for financial services professionals. For 14+ years I served as Goldman Sachs’ sole in-house career counselor. In addition to numerous media appearances (including The Today Show, CBS This Morning, CNN and various Fox programs) and frequent quotes, I am on the advisory board of Men’s Fitness Magazine, and I was selected in 2013 as the official career coach for the movie, Lee Daniels’ The Butler. I am also a winner of the Ranch’s first annual writer’s competition.