What Will Financial Wellness Have to do with My Mind, Body and Spirit in 2024? - Rancho La Puerta
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What Will Financial Wellness Have to do with My Mind, Body and Spirit in 2024?

Week of January 13, 2024

Main Program: Financial Wellness as a Healing Modality
We will have a robust conversation about:

  • Using money to create the life you want vs. using your life to create money.
  • Using your wealth to create more freedom and flexibility
  • How financial wellness means less stress and more resilience.
  • How financial empowerment can be life changing and life switching.
  • And finally, similar to everything at The Ranch, go home from these courses practicing contentment, balance, staying on track, and with the wisdom you seek to know yourself more deeply.

Follow-up Workshops:

  1. The wisdom of preparing correctly for life-changing events: Life is ever full of unexpected zigs and zags. During a crisis, we often get taken down emotionally, but how do you create balance in your financial decision making, so that you are under less stress about financial issues at important moments? And during planned events, like retirement or jobs changes, moving or relationship changes, how do you make wise decisions that allow you the freedom to do what you want to with your life?
  2. What is the meaning of the word legacy in your life and your estate? You’ve spent your life accumulating your estate. In this class, we discuss making wise, balanced decisions to pass on your legacy while you’re alive or gone so you can “live and leave” in step with your values. Legacy includes not only money, but how we role model what is important- for example, values, philanthropy, and how we treat family and others.
  3. How do you plan philanthropy wisely? Come discuss ways to give with intention- the intention to create joy, peace and healing within yourself and your family. How do we teach children philanthropic values? How do we balance our time, treasure and talent? Special bonus-teaching children and grandchildren about money and values.

Geri Eisenman Pell, CFPTM, MBA, CDFATM, Private Wealth Advisor, Chief Executive Officer, Pell Wealth Partners A Barron’s Top 100 Woman Financial Advisor for the past 15 years, Geri believes that financial planning should be a healing modality, reestablishing and finding peace in one’s relationship with wealth. She believes that when done right, working with money should be a stress reducing process that allows people to feel the sense of peace and calm that comes with knowing that their finances are in order, and they are making well-informed decisions.

Geri believes in the power of Social Impact and Environmental, Social, Governance Investing and the profound effect investing with your values can have on your finances and the world.  Geri has been a financial advisor for over 36 years and has been recognized as a top advisor in the U.S. by Barron’s, Fortune, and Forbes.  She has appeared on CNBC, NBC, and in the Wall Street Journal and NY Times among others.