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Wisdom Keeper Week: The Power of Music and Words

Week of March 2, 2019

Gary Malkin is an award-winning media composer, public speaker, and music and health innovator who inspires the world to embrace music as a catalyst for healing, mindfulness and a more meaningful life. His work redefines the role of music in healthcare, education and corporate America. A multiple Emmy, Clio, and ASCAP award recipient, Gary spent twenty-five years composing music for film, television and socially responsible documentaries. Gary has been developing music-infused resources to help people from all walks of life face life’s significant transitions with greater mindfulness, presence, and compassion. Some of his work includes:  Graceful Passages, (co-created with Michael Stillwater) providing more compassionate choices for those facing the end-of-life process.  Safe in the Arms of Love, offering another award-winning CD/Book to share more empowering choices for parents during the process of pregnancy and birthing. The musical theatre production entitled “Can You Hear Me Baby: Stories about Sex, Love, and OMG Birth!”, co-created with Gary’s creative partners, Lisa Rafel, music and healing expert, and psychologist, David Surrenda, Ph.D.  Gary has produced a new contemplative film genre called WisdomFilms™ (now available worldwide on GaiaTV) which embeds wisdom, music and breathtaking nature images to disseminate inspiring messages from leading global thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Desmond Tutu, and Thich Nhat Hanh for greater mindfulness and stress reduction. Gary has presented at places such as Google, Harvard’s Conference on Spirituality and Health, Scripps Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and The Institute for Functional Medicine, the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, and many others.  He’s been featured often on the national PBS TV series, Healing Quest, and is heard on many talk shows and teleseminars promoting a deeper understanding of the power of music for optimal health and what he refers to as “Transition Literacy.”


Kim Rosen, MFA, is the author of Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words. She has inspired listeners worldwide with the power of poetry as a transformative agent for individuals and communities. Combining her devotion to speaking poems by heart with her background in spirituality and psychotherapy, she offers workshops, lectures and an international Mystery School dedicated to awakening and healing through the power of the spoken poem. Kim also founded the Safe House Education Fund, an initiative that funds college for Maasai girls who have been rescued from female genital mutilation and early marriage. Co-creator of 3 CDs of poetry, she has been a TEDx speaker and her work has been featured in The Sun Magazine, O Magazine, Oprah Radio, The New Yorker and Spirituality & Health Magazine. 

www.kimrosen.net, www.shecollegefund.org